Community Support Training Solutions

The Ottawa Rotary Home has long been recognized as a leader in providing support and services for individuals with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and complex medical needs. Our nursing team, which is notably unique in the field of developmental services, offers expert training in caring for individuals with complex medical needs in community settings while addressing their specialized requirements. Through our emphasis on best care practices and capacity-building initiatives, we empower individuals to remain in their homes as they age, ensuring they receive the specialized support they need.

After years of informal support to agencies and conducting various pilot projects to refine the delivery of training on controlled acts and advanced care skills, the Ottawa Rotary Home officially introduced Community Support Training Solutions (CSTS) in 2012. CSTS specializes in providing tailored training solutions to meet the specific needs of developmental service group homes and other non-hospital-based congregate care settings. Our training programs are designed to address the unique requirements of both the organizations we support and the individuals they serve in the community. As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to offering affordable and sustainable training solutions, with all proceeds directly support our adult respite programs.

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