ORH Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises 13 committed volunteers drawn from various Rotary Clubs across the Ottawa region. Governed by a Policy Governance model, our board’s approach emphasizes long-term strategic planning and leadership in alignment with our organizational mission, vision, and values. The primary responsibility of the board is to establish and document policies guiding the strategic direction and ensuring effective management of The Ottawa Rotary Home, overseeing the Executive Director and management team’s work.

Board members dedicate approximately five hours per month to attend monthly board meetings and engage in committee work for ongoing projects, often referred to as “Homework.” These commitments include participation in nine monthly board meetings, including the Annual General Meeting. Essential duties for all board members include safeguarding the Home’s Mission and maintaining a focus on the Ottawa Rotary Home’s Vision. Members are expected to be familiar with the board’s by-laws, the current strategic plan, operational policies, and advocate for the families utilizing our services while maintaining confidentiality regarding meeting discussions.


Directors 2023-24

Peggy Gilmour, Board Chair

Andre Bourdon, Chair of Audit & Finance Committee

Robert Whyte, Member

Baxter Willis, Member

Michael Dixon, Member

Amanda Telford, Member

Rod Vanier, Member

Jane Courtice-Neocleous , Incoming Chair

Gordon Leverton, Treasurer

Miriam Fraser; Board Liaison

Fay Campbell, Member

Jean Holbert-Leighton, Member

Susan Hopkinson, Member