The Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation

The Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting the Ottawa Rotary Home by raising funds to support the continued provision of individualized and person-centered services to our clients.

The Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation carries out:

    • Fundraising: The foundation actively organizes and participates in fundraising events and campaigns, securing financial resources for the organization’s operations.
    • Donor Engagement: It engages donors, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, to secure financial donations and in-kind contributions for the Ottawa Rotary Home.
    • Advocacy: The foundation advocates for the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and complex medical needs, raising awareness about supporting the organization’s mission.
    • Program Support: By raising funds, the foundation assists the Ottawa Rotary Home in maintaining and tailoring its programs and services to meet the needs of each individual.
    • Community Outreach: The foundation engages in community outreach initiatives to foster support and understanding of the Ottawa Rotary Home’s work across Ontario, as well as members of Ottawa’s Rotary Clubs.

The Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation is a critical support to the Ottawa Rotary Home. The Foundation raises awareness of our mission and the needs of our clients and their families. By engaging stakeholders and advocating for our mission, the Foundation enhances our efforts to reach as many families as possible. Together, we work towards addressing the challenges faced by those we serve in our community and raising awareness of the needs and capabilities of persons with disabilities.

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