About Us

Who Are We & Where Are We Going?

The Ottawa Rotary Home was founded in 1982 through the collaborative efforts of the Rotary Club of Ottawa, local community leaders, and organizations dedicated to supporting children with disabilities and their families. Its establishment was driven by a shared vision of creating a place where caregivers and children with disabilities could access quality respite care in Ottawa, Ontario. The Rotary Club of Ottawa played a pivotal role in initiating and championing the project, along with other community stakeholders. Through their dedication and commitment, the Ottawa Rotary Home became a reality, providing invaluable support to families and children with physical disabilities in the Ottawa region.

Today, we are dedicated to being responsive to our community’s needs at every level. Whether it’s an individual seeking support, a family in need of a break, a group with common goals, or a community aiming to create positive change, our mission is to offer the necessary platform. Our organization is rooted in a strong foundation, comprising dedicated staff, supporters, and funders who work diligently to turn aspirations into reality.

We have expanded beyond our primary focus as a children’s service provider and now offer programs for our “graduates,” while also welcoming adults from the community. From our early days, we have extended our services to provide respite for technologically dependent and medically complex children, with a specialized nursing team. Additionally, we offer community support to partner agencies that may not have the medical expertise required to support individuals as they age and face medical complexities.

Our initial board of directors consisted of members from the Rotary Club of Ottawa. Today, our board comprises dedicated Rotarians from various clubs in the greater Ottawa region. These committed individuals volunteer their time to ensure our continued success in meeting the diverse needs of our community.

Because it Takes a Village!

Strong communities foster strong families.

Our Mission

The Ottawa Rotary Home exists to improve the quality of life of caregivers and individuals with disabilities through a family and person-centered approach that is responsive to individual needs and offered in a dynamic and flexible way.

Our Future Vision

The Ottawa Rotary Home envisions a community that embraces the value of respite and residential services for individuals and families as part of a complete support network that promotes optimum health and well-being.

Governing Principals


The family unit is supported in knowing they are never alone in meeting the extra demands of caring for a child or adult with a disability.


The unique needs of the family and individuals are the focus of planning and delivery of all supports and services.


We encourage and foster the belief that each individual has the potential to grow and develop into his/her own unique person.


The trust we develop with our families and individuals is integral to our organization. Our services are provided in a manner that is tailored to their strengths, needs and experiences.

Community Awareness

We strive to increase community awareness and understanding of the value of respite services and specialized residential care to each individual that we encounter.


We ensure that our environments are accessible to all individuals, given their abilities.

Passion & Compassion

Commitment to our work comes from within (energy, joy, playfulness) and flows out to benefit others.


The Quality of life, service and living with respect and dignity.